Our Services


Our Services:

First Sunday of every month 3pm.

All other Sundays our service is at 10:00 am.

Come and join us!

Our mission, as a church, is: to glorify God by obeying His command to preach the gospel, baptize, teach, and care for the people of His church (Mt 28:18-20,  Jn 13:34-35).

We believe that the ordinary ways the Lord brings His grace to us is through the reading and preaching of His word (Rom 10:9-17), prayer, and the sacraments (baptism and the Lord’s Supper) (Acts 2:42).

  • What about the children? We believe all our children are a part of the visible church. Therefore, they need to participate in the ordinary means of grace. We have set aside a portion of the sanctuary to allow family members the opportunity to continue in worship with the people of God while caring for infants, and training young children so that none would find themselves excluded from these ordinary means of God’s grace.
  • We make it our ordinary practice to observe the Lord’s Supper the first Sunday of every month. That is often followed with a fellowship meal after the service.

If you have questions about any of this, visit Our Beliefs or email our provisional session:

elder- Kurt Kafferlin.

elder-Bryant Flanagan.

Moderator- Rev. Michael Jaatinen.